What Work From Home Jobs Make the Most Money? | Save Money Tricks |

What Work From Home Jobs Make the Most Money? | Save Money Tricks |

hey everyone it’s Devin Howard again now
I know that the dream for a lot of us is being able to work from home but how do
you do it how do you sustain your life while doing all of your work from your
bedroom or your couch so let me get into it I’ll tell you which jobs make the
most money which work from home jobs make the most money
keep on watching you’re not gonna want to miss this with the way technology has
advanced over the last couple of decades it’s become easier and easier to work
from home and still make a great salary almost every field offers work flex from
home for their employees there are even some jobs that you can do exclusively
from the comfort of your home jobs that require working from phone or on the
Internet have seen a huge boost in people choosing to stay at home to
complete their tasks so here are the best-paying work from home jobs IT
analysis employment recruitment statistics and computer engineering
fields if none of these fit your current line of work I’m about to tell you some
other work from home jobs that will earn you some money so you don’t even need
proper training or education to be able to do the first work from home job is
dog-sitting okay let’s be real dogs are much easier
than children which is why dog sitting is one of my favorite ways to earn a
little bit extra cash so dog sitting allows you to get in some extra cuddles
with a cute dog while never leaving your home there are websites like dog vacay
and Rover which will actually actually set you up with a family who’s looking
for somebody to watch their dog while they’re on vacation or maybe even while
they’re at their day job another job is virtual assistant as companies grow and
demands increase more and more companies are actually turning away from in-person
assistance and turning towards virtual assistants if you’re extremely organized
and you have access to a phone compute and good internet then this might be a
great job for you you can find virtual assistant jobs on websites like
upwork flex jobs and people per hour another job that you can do from home is
a website tester new websites are being created every single day and one of my
big complaints with new websites is if they’re not user friendly if it’s
confusing to navigate things are not loading properly whatever I find it very
frustrating so a website tester will go in and test out the usability of a
website and click on all the different features make sure they’re working
properly and easy to understand all you really need to be a website tester is
access to a computer and Internet these opportunities are first come first serve
so it’s best to sign up for a bunch of different websites you can be notified
anytime a website tester job opens up try user testing your eye and user Linux
to get started you can also be a customer service representative from
home if you are great on the phone and you actually don’t mind helping people
figure out their problems like tracking and resolving orders or answering
questions then being a customer service representative may be a great job for
you typically companies will ask that you block out about four hours each day
to complete this job so I mean that’s still a whole lot better than a full
eight-hour day a staffing company that vets the business who the businesses who
are hiring is a great place to start you can check out a Rhys Alpine access VIP
desk LiveOps and Convergys those will all help you
check out some different customer service representative jobs that are
available and finally you can be a transcriber so this job pays really well
and requires little to no experience hallelujah that is what we’re all
looking for right all you have to do is listen to recordings of people giving
lectures doctor’s notes or phone calls and then type them out the best part
about this online job is that you get to schedule your own hours most company
we’ll give you a short little test to test out your speed and accuracy when
you’re typing but that’s no big deal you can find transcriber jobs at transcribe
anywhere transcribe me and quick tape so there are obviously a lot of different
ways that you can earn money from the comfort of your own home and these are
just some of them there are still so many more out there so if you know of
any other well-paying work from home jobs let me know in the comments all I
have to say is beware of scams and quick money making tactics because you want to
just make sure everything’s legitimate before you get involved with something I
hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful now let’s go find ourselves some
work from home jobs so that we don’t ever have to leave our couches if you
liked this video make sure you subscribe and then check out the other
money-saving tips that we have on our website money-saving tricks com see you
guys later

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