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100 thoughts on “Pelosi wants the Senate to clean up the House’s work: Grassley”

  • Impeachment wont pass the Senate. This means Trump can run for a third term since it happened during his first Term. Trump 2020&2024😂😂

  • The solution is simple. Don’t forget what those anti-American Democrats did. Come 2020, do everything in your power to get them ALL voted out of office! Every last one of them! It’s really up to us!

  • Why are the Right consistently pushing the Dems hoaxes? By even giving it a sliver of legitimacy it takes a life of its own through suspension of belief – listen to this Fox shill open using words as if the House actually passed articles of impeachment ? I guess they all want war. Trumps last spending bill funds PP and gun control. Trumps bill stopping DACA gives the next President power to reverse and allow.. when an insane person claims you stole their eyeshadow, do you then run away as if it’s true? I’m fed up with this gaslighting of America. There’s no justice. Trump is great but we are capitulating and coddling sociopaths and operating like that in the midst of a war, or a Presidential coup is the way to lose everything to socialist rule within months… wait, we already are. Who is in charge? The ones running everything. The royals of the world. It’s all theater.. no one has been arrested on the Dems side and innocent men’s lives & their families lives are destroyed, put in jail for life for jaywalking, it’s over, folks.

  • The Dems could figure this out if they accepted that the Senate is starting out viewing Trump as innocent until proven guilty. The HOR already did their investigations, now it is time to start the trial with the evidence they have and try to prove him guilty.

  • Is a firing squad for Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Strozk, Page, Pelosi and Schumer, for Treason and Conspiracy …… abuse of power? Or Justice?

  • The house were pretty dirty in handling this impeachment. Lots of poops here and there. Senate will not be dictated by corrupted dems. It will come to an end soon when it reach the senate.

  • Weird how holding on to these articles until The senate does what she wants sounds a lot like…..

    Quid Pro Quo. Guess it’s time to bring her up on charges. 🧐

  • Like in a professional game, "Unsportsman like conduct" is a penalty, in a political environment, "Unpolitical like conduct" should be considered a penalty for false claims and harassment for losers.

  • Pelosi, Chucky, Nadler, and Biden all need to check themselves into Nursing Home/Day Care Center. Shifty Shift, JC, the Squad, Brenan, Clapper, and Hilary needs to check themselves into a mental hospital for examination and straight to prison.

  • high crimes and misdemeaners have hit a new low…This is a coup and TREASON will be tagged on the persons active in these proceedings…Abuse of power can be proven in the layout of this move by the democrats…There is one sentence for treason…Statements lied about under oath will be scrutinized …finally…We can get the bottom… of the sleezy perversion of the law…Pull their covers in court and get out the ropes…and knot them up…These are the persons causing our country to fail…that have been controlling our country…Go AFTER …them…or lose the trust of the American voter….This next election WILL be the tell…and guard…those voting booths from ANY interference or vote fixing…

  • Trump is the real deal and its a very bad hand. Why would you believe a man who claims he is rich and pays a fair share of tax when he is the only one who won't show his returns. Claims he is smart and won't allow his grades to be shown. Left a trail of bankruptcies and debt with lawsuits all over. Many people lives ruined by him. Proven liar over and over. Takes kids from their parents. Steals from charities, cheats on everything including wives. Evangelicals and Fox love him though. What hypocrisy. lol.

  • Don’t get me wrong but these politicians an most has been in office to long , for some it’s good ole knowledge an wisdom for some they’re just a bunch of drunks an feeble minded scamming [email protected]&t artist

  • I think Pelosi has hit rock bottom. That’s what happens when you have been pickled half your life. Hahaha and this drunken woman claims that POTUS has been impeached, well sweet heart President Trump has not been impeached. Have another drink 🍷 you will soon feel better.

  • Trump is a "Loser" who picks on little girls and our American Women. Trump is a "Loser" because he will not let those that worked for him to testify. The Republican Senate are also "Losers" because they appear to condone Trump's actions. Our Beautiful America has been under attack by way of Putin for a very long time. It's time we all grow up and stand up for this Brilliant Country of Ours. It is time for us to vote against a "Loser" president whom requested help from an even "Weaker" president (Putin). GOD BLESS US ALL AND GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 🇺🇸.

  • If she can't hold them LEGALLY then why in the hell are we tolerating it?? Send the articles of impeachment over the Senate NOW PELOSI!! Send her to jail now for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!!

  • What I've learned from this whole egregious affair: if Donald Trump is in fact corrupt, the rest of the government makes him look like Mr. Rogers.

  • If they could charge Trump with “obstruction of congress” then they should be able to charge Pelosi with “obstruction of Senate” 😂

  • Trump takes the hits so he can expose the corruption. Without them going crazy most of their corruption would have been behind closed doors.

  • Stupid democrat base. Totally ok with democrat corruption and an unfair house hearing. Also democrats: they aren’t going to give democrats a fair trial in the senate! This is why we loathe you rat bast&rds

  • If the fake press (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, PBS) was indicted first this whole process of getting the criminals of the coup would be a lot easier!

  • Is Pelosi holding on to the articles of impeachment hostage, while making demands from the Senate considered a "Quid pro Quo"?

  • Now Pelosi wants tell Senate what to due cheat lie an steal
    Pelosi adam shifter nadler jail time cell next to Hillary mopping floors

  • You don't need witnesses at all.
    If the IMPEACHMENT does not meet under our Constitutional amendment , just throw it out in the garbage can.
    You dont want any further.

  • Dems would like Trump if he was a democrat because he is so successful and they are such failures. Time to bring each of them to justice by hangings, prison terms, banishments, town square pillories, beatings.
    cf. my youtube: The Art of Men Acting

  • Turns out the ig proved the only thing they ever had was the Dossier, Shift never got the nude orange man pics …

    Used illegally and fraudulently with the fisa court, who is now demanding answers to save face

    Trying to stop a railroad sham is not obstruction of anything

    The railroad sham in fact is the only case of obstruction of justice as Trump was looking into the true CRIMES…

    How about that..

  • “No one is above the law”, says Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler. She might want to rephrase that to, “No one is above the law except for Democrats, liberals, and Juicy Smellit”.
    Just saying

  • YEAH..Question: How Long Has It Been That Nancy Pelosi Cd-(CA) Been Holding The US-CANADA-MEXICO Trade-Bill From Being Voted On?? Passed Or Not Passed..WELL??… Oh "Cd" Means (COMMISTS demoRAT).

  • He has not been impeached over high crimes and misdemeanors. He has been impeached on policy disagreements!! We the people know what the Democrats are up to. Impeach at all cost. This will come back to bit them!!!

  • Someone give Nancy a wakeup call. THERE IS NO AGAIN NO BASIS FOR THE IMPEACHMENT…THE Democrats look SOOO PARTISAN AND DUMB…

  • We(the American people) see what's really going on! No matter what they say,show on TV,or how phoney they play"this is so sad,and we wish we didn't have to" we're not falling for this fake sham of a witch hunt!

  • Anyone who proclaims to be a Democrat today is either anti American or stupid on steroids. There are no other options left.

  • The Republican eagles are lining up like planes waiting to land in Chicago. When they touch down on the Democrats it will be all beaks and claws.

  • BS… they don't want the Senate to clean up anything… They want the Senate to stay dirty and unfair the same way the house has been.

  • To you 291 thumbs down get your heads out of the sand you know as well as I this was a witch hunt ever since day one. Go get Joe Biden he's the real crook send him to jail.

  • We the citizens of the United States DEMAND that our "representatives" pay back the tax money wasted on this nonsense out of their own pockets

  • David F

    3 days ago

    She can not hold on to it once the vote has been made. That's called obstruction of justice and abuse of power!

    colin-man yeates-clan

    1 second ago

    Judicial misconduct, selective prosecution of a lawful activity and failing to prosecute actual crimes well known with sufficient prima faciea evidence but we know that criminals must protect one another lest honest prosecution will put them in jail too.

  • The Democrats are backwards on everything, investigating people that did nothing wrong (president Trump) and the ones that clearly broke the laws (quid pro Joe Biden) are being left alone with the help of the MSM. We the people are watching this, more everyday. Payday eventually will come, always does.

  • this ant aboute Republican or demcrats it's aboute Nancy would love to swap slobber with Donald Trump and Donald want let her

  • Don’t forget Hillary beat trump by over 4 million votes. So not going to some places who are sick of trump’s lies does not mean they will vote for trump?

  • Pelosi is trying to save herself and all the democrats that voted for this impeachment. She knows along with all the democrats that they are soon to be brought up on charges for treason against the United States and obstruction of Justice not to mention corruption. She is scared to send anything to the senate

  • President Trump Abuse Nothing But Cleaning Out Obama And Hillary Benghazi Crimes Obama Eric Holder Crimes Millions in there Pockets Selling True Americans GOV Guns and Obama Giving Trillions too ISIS Groups on the Runway Airport in the Middle Nite ,,Behind the True Americans Back ..These Democrats are the ones who have Abuse there Power for 8 Years ,,Nothing got Done ..Because Comey FBI Lied Corrupt. The Hillary And Obama Corruption ..Along with Bloomberg Soro Bought Own Communist Media ..Crooked Liars ..President Trump Stays you Evil Demons Democrats are done out of our State Districts You Democrats Run ..

  • Is Joe Biden guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors? He even has a video where he brags about it. That’s the evidence and he admits to it all along with Quid pro quo. However, if HRC wasn’t found guilty of destroying evidence and obstructing justice then I guess the Deep State is like the House of Representatives-too many Democrats