OUTSOURCING 101, How to OPTIMIZE your PRODUCTIVITY | For Future Reference Vlog

Hey it’s Eli aka Atlas. And if you’re a freelancer you know that clients
aren’t just looking for a one-trick pony. You’ve gotta be a swiss army knife in order
to get a decent job; you have to draw your images, color them, ink them, letter them,
and maybe more depending on which industry you’re apart of. But when should you tell your employer “You
need to cut it?” and start looking to build a team of talent instead of running a one
man show? Here are some tell-tale signs. 1) Deadlines are too tight. If we have to go there, lets really go there:
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten emails saying “I need you to finish a whole
20-something pages in 2 weeks with the whole treatment: from inks to letters (which I should
mention I don’t do at the time of this video)”. When I get this request, I honestly think
these guys just don’t know what they’re asking. There’s a reason that all your favorite publishers
have at least 4 names on the cover credits: everyone has their own specific job which
lets them get your favorite books out in the 2 weeks you want. 4 People Minimum! So how do you think its going to happen with
1 person in 2 weeks? 2) Different Skill Set. You’ll know its time outsource for talent
when you’re being asked to do things you simply don’t have the time to–or moreover just can’t
or don’t know how to do it. Then its best to leave things to the professionals. 3) Physical Strain. When my brother got one of his first jobs,
he took it very seriously–so seriously in fact that he overworked himself into a sprained
wrist, neck pains and Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Now unless you’ve really, truly got something
to prove, it’s probably a good time to let someone else take the reigns a little bit
if your job is literally killing you. And that, my friends are the top 3 reasons
you should outsource talent. What’s the solution? Tell your clients what you do or don’t do
up front; maybe namedrop some of your other artist friends to help you. And in the long run, it’ll let you maximize
profits, because instead of pouring all your time into 1 single project, you can focus
on your strengths and make gains here, there and everywhere. That wraps it up. If you liked
the video, ETC. Make sure you tune in next Friday for a new episode
of For Future Reference and this Monday for either a new tutorial or speed art. Social media, etc. Recommended reading, etc.

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