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100 thoughts on “JFK Assassination: The Truth Told by Secret Service Agent Clint Hill”

  • Great interviewer who allows Clint Hill to speak. It is obvious that Clint suffered years of PTSD. (So did Mrs. Kennedy.) Mr. Hill believes that Oswald acted alone, but I can't believe that. What in the WORLD was Oswald's MOTIVE? Nah, Oswald didn't do this. Even Jacqueline Kennedy did not believe that Oswald was the killer. When she was told what she was told by police and Secret Service personnel about Oswald being the shooter, and that he acted alone and that Oswald really had no discernible reason to murder her husband, she herself said, "Why, that is just too ridiculous."

  • They changed the way shooting is taught. Look at then standing straight up shooting without a good foundation lolzzz

    Interesting history. P

  • Erm, the second opening photograph (00:32) is a completely fabricated photo. The fact that it was used in the opening title sequence gives me pause. Poor show

  • Someone retired in the US government told me 2nd hand that KENNEDY was a loose President on SO MANY LEVELS at that time. Also KENNEDY was pushing the CIA ON THE UFOS & ALIEN SECRET TECHNOLOGY & HE WAS GOING TO SHARE IT WITH THE RUSSIANS AND AMERICAN PEOPLE…..I'LL LEAVE IT ALONE FROM HERE…

  • If u love her so much tell the truth tell wht really happened on the grassy knoll that bullet was not shot from a fifth floor window tell the truth

  • Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Bob Saget was running to the presidential limo at 0:33? Shitty actor and even worse comedian….I knew he was involved with this in some way.

  • She was trying to get away. They had just blew her husband away…I'm sure she thought she was next. We all have our own opinions…who wouldn't have been terrified after seeing what she had just seen..

  • JFK was killed by the FBI because they were worried he might be a socialist. Just like they killed Robert Kennedy and Dr King. The same dark forces put the US into Vietnam, overturned progressive regimes in Central and South America, and invaded Iraq. Anything that threatened the ultra right wing capitalist and political agends was attacked and on it goes. The whole world knows this but Americans on the street are blind.

  • Just curious, how did the bullet miss Jacky and hit JFK. Also the brains blew away from Jacky not towards her?

  • The driver put the final bullet. Pay attention and look closely in slow motion . Oswald was just a sacrificial lamb that got used. Why did ruby put a bullet in him well they all knew that he was gonna spill the beans who was behind it all. It's too deep this crap.

  • to the Secret Service, I declare you were fully responsible for his death. Just one question to convict you. Why did you both desert your post on the back of the car?

  • I'm glad you found closure and your mind is at peace. It must have been terribly frighting all alone for so long. God bless you Sir. I have no doubt you would have been a Knight at the Kings' round table. You are released from your duties your watch has ended. the pursuit of happiness applies to you as well. May you find it.

  • Shot from behind at a low angle. The m16 that was loaded in the car behind used buy a secrete service agent fired the fatal shot. An lied about doing so.

  • A star will fall grab an edge cover up what you see.😈yeah I know the answers to every story ever told but there is only one truth, my truth and watch your work crumble

  • Ok why is it that people know the limo was moving very slowly 11 mph tops. And we know Jackie retrieved a piece of JFKs head off the trunk. And we know the original interviews of the parkland hospital staff all touch the back of their head when they describe the wound. And we know the zapruder film is altered. Yet people can still believe Oswald fires the fatal shot from above and behind. It simply defies physics and common sense

  • Whenever a President crosses the Rothschildes, like Lincoln, or Kennedy, they get assassinated. The time to kill them has been long since due. They must be destroyed, or their God, Remphan, will start in Israel, and branch out across the Globe.

  • He’s describing how Nixon was his own biggest enemy, literally echoing everything about Trump. Thinking they were above the law. No no no!

  • Read Michael Collins Piper’s “Final Judgement” of you want the most comprehensive breakdown of who was involved in whacking JFK and why…. the “why” is the the most important aspect and, with Israel developing an illegal nuclear program despite JFK definitively rejecting that effort… add his other enemies and, the summer he had touring Europe in 1963 where he was WILDLY popular along with his wife… this translated to incredible popularity at home and, add to this JFK was talking about nuclear arms reduction and a detente rather than an escalated proxy war of covert and clandestine means… well… the mob weren’t the only ones with their axe to grind. Another 5 years with a mandate and, a brother as heir…. that frightened all the baddies from our CIA to Israeli PM and Irgun terrorist BenGurion along with arms and helicopter manufacturers and Texaco oil… the CIA needed only contact old friends like Meyer Lansky who could pull everyone together on this

    Shame. A damn shame.

  • This guy cries every time he talks about JFK, over how many years now, to remind people he was the guy, Get over it, keep the bullshit tears…

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  • 🛎🛎🛎Within a few hours of JFK’s murder, it was already evident to the Dallas Chief of Police, and also several sheriff’s department employees, that Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire at JFK.

    🛎🛎🛎Within hours of JFK’s killing, two black persons, employed within the book depository that day, personally verified that such was the fact.

    Oswald, and those two employees, were eating lunch within Cafeteria, within the Book Depository Building, at the moment of the murder of JFK. Within hours, they happened to be interrogated, separately. Their testimony was recorded, and taken under oath. They stated that they sat in the third floor cafeteria, having their bagged lunches, at the moment of the multiple gunshots they heard occurring, from outside of the building. 🛎🛎🛎Each also contributed that Lee Harvey Oswald was also sitting at the same extended table eating his lunch at the same exact time.

    Again Notice: After his arrest, Oswald, was interrogated, apparently twice. That was when Oswald independently declared then that he was eating his lunch in the building cafeteria at the moment of the gunshots occurring from outside. Oswald also stated that two black gentleman, whom he specifically named, happened to be in the cafeteria, employees, eating their bagged lunches with him at the same table and at the same time.

    That, above indicated Dallas Police Chief, was the one whom captured much attention, him being frequently photoed. 🛎🛎🛎He placed those African American witnesses testimony within his personal office safe…rather than disclosing this evidence to the public’s attention. Horrific.🛎🛎🛎👽👽👽

    Finally, Thirty Five Years Later…after the death of that motherf%%er Dallas Police Chief,…approximately during the mid-nineties, that dead motherf%%%ers was opened, and the contents no were provided to a family member.

    Within a few years, thereafter, this information was eventually provided to the public by one of the family members. 👽👽👽Incredibly, the media seems to keep this public information minimized.👽👽👽

    There is no justification for anyone thinking Oswald was not in the cafeteria, as independently testified by two black fellow employees, which was corroborated independently by Oswald

    🛎🛎🛎Shame on the Dallas Sheriff’s Dept. Shame on the MSM media ignoring this exculpatory information. Is there any murder event coverup more disgraceful???🛎🛎🛎

  • Publicist for retired guy
    "Why would you let him say it went in the back of the head and exited the back while showing footage of back and to left forehead exploding'

  • Only one detail that's so important. Oswald didn't kill Kennedy. Witnesses at the scene heard shots from DIFFERENT sides! A declassified CIA document also confirms that there were shots from different sides and says that they were CIA agents. Also the name of the old (now dead) Bush was mentioned in that document. The final shot was giving by the driver William Greer who used a gas pistol. Now the video that shows the shooting doesn't show that the driver turned around and shot Kennedy. Those frame are now left out on purpose. I do know someone who has the original video where the driver turns around and shoots. Jacky was crawling on the trunk, this was not hiding but fleeing away from the driver.

  • I dont think this man was in on the job but youd have to be a fucking moron to believe Oswald was the only shooter, if he was even a shooter.
    Johnson assassinated Kennedy with the help of the mob, the FBI/CIA & Israel.
    This isnt a theory, its a fact. Johnson admitted to it. His girlfriend said he admitted to it to her. Johnson was a POS murderer.
    Joe Kennedy made a promise to the mob that they would not be messed with if they helped his son get elected. They did their part and as soon as Robert Kennedy became AG he started going after them.
    Kennedy fired Allen Dulles and was bangin another top CIA guys wife. Apparently openly banging her.
    Kennedy had threatened to split the CIA up into a million pieces.
    J. Edgar Hoover hated the Kennedys.
    President Kennedy had given Israel an ultimatum to let the US inspect for nukes and Israel was not going to do this.
    Kennedy mustve thought he was invincible to piss off this many powerful groups at the same time!

  • Lyndon Johnson gave an interview to a friend just before he died in the Atlantic monthly magazine in July 1973.. He always believed the assassination in Dallas had been part of a conspiracy. "I never believed that Oswald acted alone. Although i can accept he pulled the trigger" Johnson said that when he had taken office he found that "we had been operating a damned murder inc. In the Caribbean a year or so before Kennedy's death a CIA-backed assassination team had been picked up in havanna." Johnson speculated that Dallas had been a retaliation for this thwarted attempt. Meaning the bay of pigs

  • The Truth Told… ??? what truth is to be heard here? what did I miss? some nice old guy telling stories.. there's absolutely no truth to be found here.. lmao.. clickbait!

  • To hear the story of this man,
    And see his emotions get stirred when he talks about his sense of duty. It sickens me to hear how Hilary Clinton treated her own team. This man would have laid on a grenade to protect the Presidents family bc he took an oath and knows its his duty to protect him.

    Hilary Clinton treated her secret service team with such contempt. And these men are some of the finest Americans to ever live. They are always on the front line in peace time and in war.

  • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The look on his face just before he was shot, when he looks down and left, tells you who did it.

  • Yeah we need to hear from the Secret Service ..the car came to a stop and Kennedy got his head blown off…even when some agents wanted to move forward before the head shot to actually do their job..they were ordered back by Emory Roberts….the grassy knoll reeked of gun powder ..thanks Clint Hill..THANKS FOR NOTHING..enjoy ur retirement..

  • I have a lot of respect for Agent Hill. His reactions that day where heroic to say the least but personally I believe that Agent Hill reacted to echos and that’s why he believes the shots came from the rear. However, close examination of the Zapruder film and subsequent actions and the testimony of witnesses indicate that the shots came from the front. Agent Hill, you will always be recognized by your selfless act of putting yourself in the line of fire.

  • This man was going to be a history teacher and ended up being a huge part of history itself. What a great guy to have a conversation with. I'm sure hes seen many things in his life

  • after many, many years after the assasinate of kennedy…You can see this kind of interview….all who was witness or see what happens that DAY…still HAVE A AFRAID, panic, alot Lies from his goverment about they kill kennedy… i guess who order to kill Kennedy stil a Live and have alot of power after many years past….

  • Please get rid of that fucking background music -it is distracting and unnecessary. We don’t need to be ‘spoon fed ‘ emotions -the great stories in the interviews are enough ! Get to fuck with the music ! What bozzo thought it was a good idea ?

  • 30:47 -wtf ? Just as he says he ‘self medicated’ …what is that clown horn about ???someone trying to be funny or what? You have great interviews and then that stupid music and this sort of shit ruins it!

  • Why didn’t you ask him about the conspiracy?if anybody is going to know if there was ANY inside job then this guy would. I understand that this was emotional for him, and you respectfully let him talk – but I’d loved to have heard his take on it.

  • He was strongly against israel's secret nuclear program before he died. In 1963, the year of his death, he was in middle of trying to get US inspectors into Israel, to get them to stop it. https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium.MAGAZINE-how-a-standoff-with-the-u-s-almost-blew-up-israel-s-nuclear-program-1.7193419
    His death, ensured that the Israel's nuclear program continued uninterrupted.

  • How in the hell do you never discuss it with the rest of the secret service… You did fail by never going to someone and question why nobody was on the car with the president,, to hell with your books making money off of crooked ass government. YOu should have questioned why you were told to back off the car.

  • Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy comprising several related groups- anti -Castro exiles, the military industrial complex and CIA, and the mafia. There absolutely for sure 100% was an Israeli connection. Oswald probably is innocent, he was set up. Jack Ruby was forced to murder Oswald, due to compromising photos of him in the company of Oswald. The grassy knoll shooter was probably Lucien Sarti. The team on the ground consisted of Charles Nicoletti, Howard Hunt, others. The FBI covered up the crime.

  • Just watched a good documentary that showed real proof that the 3rd shot was fired from a secret servicemen’s ar15 from the car directly behind jfks……supposedly the agent negligently fired his weapon and killed the president and they covered it up

  • Every single secret service agent that were there that day, including Hill, should have had their asses fired. Not one agent saved or protected either JFK or Jackie.

  • Good lord Jackie was a beautiful woman. I would think something was wrong if he didn't fall in love with her. You can't blame the man she was Beautiful on the inside and out not to mention extremely attractive.

  • There's a story about JFK going to give full disclosure about captured alien tech. And that he was going to go public about it. So he was taken out. Also Carter was going to do the same thing, so he became a 1 term president. Reagan pushed for the SDI program, and that was used to shoot down incoming alien visitors. And 911 was greenlit to change the narrative from full disclosure, to one of terrorism. Strange.🤔👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  • MustangPower, you are distracting from the facts…call it canteen, lunchroom, bench, miscellaneous table along a hallway, near machines, whatever, at the moment the shots occurred, two black employees independently provided signed testimony that Oswald was within a few feet of those persons. Readers, who have done responsible research, tell this nerd MustangPower about the names of the factual documented six shooters, none of which was named Oswald…..dddaaaahhhh

  • Mustang Power…Do your job….You need to investigate the existing data and if you can not agree regarding the already named five shooters, you need to explain why? Mr Airhead, you need to tell the public what you disagree with. That is not my job.

    If you dispute ref A…you need to explain why? And so on regarding the named five gunman. Of the several that have been named, those are the shooters which I agree shot at JFK. You need to defend your position as to why you disagree with them…dahhhhh…click.

    You are playing can not name the recognized reference naming Everett Mac Wallace. Why?

    Idiots like you don’t

    do not name three shooters not named Oswald, you are an hopeless air head. I named five, I simply made reference to the existing evidence related to those five persons.

  • Who took the extraordinary close-up photo at 00:33 here…or is it some kind of mock-up..?? So far I see no other mention of it in comments here which I find incredible….