How to Work From Home  | Overcome the Overwhelm

How to Work From Home | Overcome the Overwhelm

– Are you a creative entrepreneur looking for some no nonsense straight talking actionable advice? Well you’re in the right place. Today on the Creative Business TV Show we’re talking about how you can overcome the loneliness
of working from home. Welcome to the Creative
Business TV Show helping you make a success of
your creative business. I’m your host Kylie Carlson and it’s time to kick off your heels, grab yourself a coffee and get ready to be inspired. Today we’re talking about overcoming the loneliness syndrome
when you work from home. So many people now are working from home and as creative entrepreneurs we more often than not fall into that category of working from home. Now apart from doing my videos, which you know I love doing, I also run the Academy of Wedding and Event Planning which
is a virtual company. My entire team works from home. We don’t have cool, funky,
Google-esque offices where we all sit around brainstorming together and drinking coffee and lounging around in seats that
look like sleeping pods. No, we all have our own individual home offices where we
make our magic happen. Now trust me when I say there are some very big benefits to working from home. One of them is you can sit around in your trackies all day, yay! Hands up if you’re guilty of putting on your makeup and a smart top to do a Skype call but on the bottom you’re still wearing your track pants. Oh yeah, we’ve all been there. But in all seriousness there can be times of overwhelming loneliness. I’m no stranger to it myself. I’ve worked from home
now for nearly 20 years. I know, can you believe
it’s been that long? And I’ve developed a trick, or several, for managing what I call
work-from-home-itis. So, get ready for my five top tips. Tip number one, consider
a co-working space. I know this is all about working from home but there are some amazingly creative co-working spaces and they’re popping up all over the place. The benefits, they’re huge. These places are built to encourage creative entrepreneurs to meet up, work from a space that fosters creativity and inspiration, not to mention the
networking opportunities. And of course it helps
you to combat loneliness. You don’t have to go all the time. Just when you need a break from your usual four walls. The best bit is these
places are so affordable. Tip number two, get a change of scenery. One of the perks of being
virtual is that I can work from pretty much
anywhere and so can you. Find yourself a good coffee shop and use this as office number two. I have several in different areas that I go to on a regular basis and nothing stimulates me more. The coffee’s good, the foods on tap, and the buzz of all those people around me makes me feel like I’m part of something. Even if I’m sitting with my earphones on and working on my laptop. Tip number three, hold virtual meetings. Now of course this will depend on how large or small your team is but I Skype once a week minimum with my team. We don’t always talk about work. We talk about what’s
going on in our lives, our kids, our partners, our homes, our holidays, whatever it might be but it makes you feel
like you’re part of a team even though you’re Skyping from the lounge in your trackies. And if you aren’t part of a team then try the same thing with your peers or others in a similar position to you. Tip number four join an industry group. There’s so many opportunities now to join meet ups, networking
events, coffee mornings, breakfasts, that this is your chance to get out from the safety
of your home office. Get out in the big wide world. It’ll be great for your frame of mind and you can probably make some contacts in the process but you need to be strict with yourself and commit to going each week or month whatever it might be, no wriggling out of it. Tip number five, get a hobby. Now this can be anything. For me, I joined the local gym and I used to make myself go twice a week. I loved it and it wasn’t
just about the workout. I did two classes and both had different people attending so I got to meet others and talk about something other than work. Plus, as I’ve already said before, the endorphins start pumping and then I’m kind of ready to kick ass afterwards. So, you know the drill. It’s your turn. I want to know how you cope
with working from home. How do you manage your loneliness? Do you have any great tips or advice that you want to share with us here? We’d love to hear what
you’ve got to say so remember comment below
so that we can all share. So that’s all I’ve got time for on The Creative Business TV Show. You know what to do. If you like it subscribe and if you want to get more connected come to and
get on my mailing list. I’ll see you all next Monday with more tips, tricks, and advice. I’m getting good at doing that ending.

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17 thoughts on “How to Work From Home | Overcome the Overwhelm”

  • Kylie, I so enjoy watching you and gaining energy from YOUR positive energy! Now, having been a wedding/events planner and designer for almost 30 years, I almost have the opposite problem…I very much treasure my time alone! Lol…but I didn't years ago and I found that the hobbies (as you brightly mentioned!) kept me going. I think I tried all kinds of things before I finally found the two that I really could lose myself in, and they have been with me all these years! I also found that breaking my day up with things like a brisk stroll or a few moments reading (non-work related!) helped my mind to reset and refocus and not feel alone in the world! Thanks again, Kylie, for your enthusiasm and courage…you make my day!❤

  • I'm a big fan of going to my "coffice" in the afternoon for a bit of socialization and caffeine together.

  • lol! When I'm working at home, I often hang out in my sweats, cut off social and dive into creating! You are so right about getting out and changing the scenery!

  • Love your channel and your video Kylie. So like your humour, style and the effects you have. Deirdre. X

  • I like your approach & ideas. Thanks. Like 12 + subscribed 331. Visit my channel + subscribe back if you also like my video..

  • Have you ever wondered how to fight loneliness when you work from home? Do you have your own tips that help you feel less isolated and give you extra motivation? Share with the community in the comments below!

  • Yes Tip #5 is great! Having a hobby is so important. I work from home most of the time. I find that having a separate room away from all the distractions: laundry, cleaning, tv, helps me stay focused.

  • I love all your tips!! There’s a great coworking space that I’ve been to a couple of times. Helps me be more productive too!

  • Heals kicked off and coffee in hand lol and yes I have totally shot video with my pjs still on 😂 — working from home can be extremely isolating. These are fabulous tips. Just started looking for a co-working space actually. And I am seriously going to make a point to go work from a coffee shop more. Thank you so much for these tips!