how to make money online fast – Work From Home Jobs 2020  earn money

how to make money online fast – Work From Home Jobs 2020 earn money

– Hey, welcome back to the channel. On this video I’m going
to show you seven websites to make at least $100 a day. And if you stay til the end,
I’m gonna show you a site where you can make over $1,000 a day. If you’re ready, let’s go. (whirring) (upbeat music) All right, all right, let’s get to it. If you want to work from home. If you want to work from your laptop, or even your smartphone, I’m
gonna show you on this video, seven websites where you
can make at least $100. And like I said, for those
overachievers that want to make lots of lots of money online, we’ll show you a secret website that makes me over $1,000 a day. So you can see, I’ve been marketing online for over 12 years. Obviously, you can see my results. I’m not showing you my results to brag, but to show you that I walk the walk. I don’t just talk the talk. So in this particular income stream, we’ve generated over $291,000. I can show you many, many more. This one, $46,250. So, if you want to make money online, subscribe to my channel, hit
the notification button below, so you don’t miss any of my future Make Money From Home videos, affiliate marketing, work-from-home jobs. You name it, so if you’re
ready, turn off all the distractions and let’s
go to site number one. All right, the site numero
uno is called AdFly. This is where you can shorten your links and basically, whenever you share links with people online,
whether it’s on Facebook, maybe it’s on Instagram,
maybe it’s on YouTube, doesn’t matter, any social network. Or even email, inside of the email when you’re sending your emails. You can share your links
by shortening with AdFly. And for each click, for each
click, when people watch five seconds advertisement,
you get paid my friend. You get paid, you’re not
gonna get paid a lot. Gonna warn you, but this
is probably the simplest, the easiest way for you to
generate cash, you know, to generate cash online by just sharing your links using the AdFly. Very simple self-explanatory site. You just create a free account. And you know, we’re at 2.5 million links clicked today. Over five million registered users. Available worldwide,
not just United States, so I think most countries are accepted. Easiest way to start, you know, breaking the bank if you will. But again, not gonna make a lot of money, but something that you’re doing anyways, you can get paid by just sharing links and using the shortener, which is AdFly. So, let’s go to site number two. All right, site number two, I’m gonna show you how you
can do website arbitrage . The main arbitrage, so
Flippa is a marketplace with over 200,000 buyers
who are waiting to buy your website, online
business, an app or a domain. So as you can see, lots
of lots of offers here on the front page, people
selling ready-to-go websites for as much as $35,000, $20,000, $89,000. So, depending on your niche,
you can resell your websites, your domains on
and get cash in your hand. Now, where will you get websites. Let’s say you’re brand new. So this works even for newbies, but you need to figure out your niche. So whether your niche is
fishing, or hunting, or cars, or cooking, or fitness and
exercise, or make money online like my channel, my niche, you can go on GoDaddy auctions and
you can buy websites. You have to do research
obviously, to minimize your risk because there’s always
risk involved, right? But you can find lots of lots of overs, for example, there is one…, so let’s say
if your niche is crypto, if you’re into bitcoin
and crypto currencies, as you can see, you can
buy this website for $928. And you can turn around and
sell it for $2,000 or $3,000. See, the main value is
$11,000 according to GoDaddy. So you have to do research,
but you can find lots of websites that you
can resell on and you can get paid
directly to your bank. So this is what it’s all about. Whatever your niche is, you’ve gotta do, obviously, spend some time here, but I’m sure you’re gonna
find lots of lots of ideas how to monetize your
passion, your expertise and simply by flipping domains, you can get in profit zone fast. All right, site number
three and site number four are Upwork and Think about your talents. Maybe you can write resumes, right? Maybe you can write articles for websites. Maybe you’re really
great at graphic design. You know Photoshop inside and out. You can write thumbnails
for YouTube covers. You can write Facebook cover images. You can create banners, you can create, maybe you’re a videographer,
you can edit videos. So, this is the site where you can utilize your skillsets and get paid from home, anywhere in the world, as long as you have a laptop or a smartphone. So for example,,
I just did a search for writing jobs, and you can see, tons and tons of people
are offering their services and charging as much as
$60, at least $60 to write a cover letter, resume for
German job application. So there’s lots of lots of
services that you can sell and get paid for what
you’re good at, right? Whatever it is, maybe
you’re a voice talent. Maybe you’re a videographer. Maybe you’re really
great at graphic design. There’s lots of lots of ways
for you to monetize skillsets that you have at the comfort,
you know, at your convenience. And your time at your terms,
so you specify how much you want to charge, and as
people gonna buy services from you, you’re gonna get reviews. And you’re gonna go basically
higher, higher in rankings. On Fiverr, you’re gonna
get more and more jobs. So whatever your specialty
is, you can monetize it easily with Fiverr or Upwork, which is used to be a freelance
as well, So there’s quite a few
websites, as you can see. Maybe you’re a programmer, right? You can get paid $100
an hour because you are, you know how to program computers. You’re good with development. You can develop different apps. So, the higher the skillset you have, the higher the top dollar you can command. So, maybe you’re a Facebook Ad strategist, they can get paid up to $85 an hour. Or a project manager, $55 an hour. Search and social display
advertising, $100 an hour. Paid per click advertising,
so lots of lots of ways to monetize your skillsets,
so don’t be lazy my friend. Typing on the comments, you’re
gonna take action on this. Just type action, exclamation point and while you’re doing that,
hit the subscribe button and hit on notification. So, let’s go to the next site. All right, do you want
guaranteed job online? Well then enter the Amazon Marketplace. One of the biggest companies,
probably the biggest company in the world right now, over
a trillion dollar evaluation. We all buy stuff on Amazon, so guess what? They also have lots of lots
of jobs for online workers. And it’s called Amazon Mechanical Turk. So they absolutely have
probably, any job in the world when it comes to online
work like editing text, like clicking on the links, like again, similar stuff that’s on Fiverr as well, but the difference is you
can immediately qualify and click on a job and
start working as soon as the next hour, once you create account. So, lots of people asking, for example, you can go on Google and
google Amazon Mechanical Turk. And lots of people
asking, “Is Amazon legit?” Of course it’s legit, it’s Amazon company. So what they doing is basically, they connecting people that have lots of jobs to perform, like
manual task, manual labor. You’re not gonna get paid
a lot, but like I said, you can get guaranteed work
because when you go sign up, you click on Amazon You just basically click
on this yellow button and you can hire people on demand, 24/7, worldwide, any country in the world. And you can make money, just
create a worker’s account and start performing those
tasks such as you know, editing text, such as editing videos, such as proofreading, such as submitting different reviews for
products and services. So lots of lots of different
tasks to be performed. Every single day, you can get started, even if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. And obviously, legitimate sight, as legitimate as it gets, it’s Amazon. And but again, bear in mind,
you’re not gonna get paid like lots of money, it’s
something that they can get many, many workers to do. So the higher the skillset that you have, obviously the higher the
pay rate you can command, and definitely, go with the previous site if you’re a programmer, if
you’re a graphic designer, such as or And those kind of sites
will give you the highest amounts of money you can
charge per hour or per project. So, let’s go to the next site. Hopefully you got lots of ideas from this. And if you did, comment below. Let me ask you a question. You wanna work once and get paid over and over and over and over again? Well, enter Amazon Kindle
Publishing Platform. So if you’re an author or you
are one of the creative types, you can write a book about your
passion, about your journey, about mission statement,
whatever you’re into, right? And publish it on Amazon Kindle. And you only do it once, and guess what? You can actually hire somebody and outsource the whole project to someone on Fiverr or, right? And like for example, Dan Lok, one of the top motivational
speaker online, sells coaches, he has
tons and tons of books. I definitely recommend
you check out his books. He will change your life. You can publish the book
and you can get paid over and over again every
single time somebody clicks on this button, one click button sale. Over and over again, so definitely
check out Amazon Kindle. It’s one of the top, well
it’s probably number one platform for digital
books, just like audible. You can have also publish it on audible. I am a big fan of Amazon Audible. Amazon Prime, we’re all ordering stuff and get stuff delivered
in New York next day. Even same day sometimes. So, definitely check out Amazon
Kindle Publishing Platform, and really brainstorm ideas
what can you write a book about, what are you expert at? You gotta be expert at
something, my friend, right? If you’re an adult, you’re probably really good at something. So definitely a way to
monetize your passion. Definitely check out Amazon Kindle. All right my friend, one
more Amazon site for you, Amazon Handmade. You may be one of those crafty types. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom, and you’re really good in
creating those kinds of things, like right now it’s Halloween,
Halloween essentials. Gifts, you know, beauty and grooming, kitchen and dining, home decor, jewelry. Huge niche, absolutely huge niche. So you can actually create
those things and sell them, as opposed to Etsy, there’s
another site called Etsy. But Amazon will give you higher exposure, much bigger exposure, many,
many, many more millions of people go to this site,
obviously, it’s Amazon. Number one site in the world. So, definitely check out Amazon Handmade and there’s tons of tons
of ways for you to monetize your skills as a craft maker, right? Like home and kitchen, jewelry, gifts, clothing, shoes, accessories, apparel. Wedding, right, huge niche right? So, definitely check out
the site and I’m sure you’re gonna get lots of lots of ideas how to actually make
money with your skill. All right, are you ready for big money? You know, if you’re overachiever
and this is what tells me, if you’re still watching my videos and you wanna make lots of money, I’m gonna show you a program,
affiliate marketing program, and this is why I like affiliate marketing because there’s no products to ship. There’s nothing to stock. It’s digital products
just like Amazon Audible, Amazon Kindle, instant
delivery, but you get paid over and over and over again. So this is the best implementation
of passive income online. This is exactly what I’m passionate about, absolutely love passive income stream, and especially multiple income streams where you can get paid
from multiple companies via check, via direct deposit, via PayPal. So, multiple ways to get paid. I’m gonna show you the system. I’m gonna put a link in the description so you can check it out, but
I’m gonna show you my results where you can get paid as
much as $2,000 per sale. So this particular income
system is called FunnelXROI. One of the income streams is easy, you get paid up to $2,000. As you can see, my results, $46,250 and also there’s a couple
more income streams, Funnel X Advance, over
$4,000 in commissions. There’s also ROI Panel, which
is the tracking solution that you need, almost $9,000. So and there’s a couple
more income streams, but why don’t I let you hear
from the system creator himself who is David Dekel, check
out his system here. It’s called FunnelXROI. Once you open an account,
you’re gonna see, there are step-by-step videos,
so it’s very easy to follow. Very easy to set up and it will create five income streams for you my friend. So definitely check out the
link in the description below. And I wanna hear your
success story, right? How much money you’re gonna
make, so please let me know. And if you have any questions whatsoever, just use the comments below the video. I promise to reply to
everybody within 24 hours, unless I’m traveling on
business or vacation. So definitely check out this awesome, awesome affiliate marketing system. That’s gonna teach you
basics of affiliate marketing and it’s gonna help you
create the time freedom that we experience as a family. Like I said, I’ve been doing
this for over 12 years now. So definitely, newbie friendly. You can actually even
use your phone for this, but obviously, I advise
you to use a computer, desktop or a laptop and all you need is a dream, my friend,
and a Wi-Fi connection. So, definitely check
out this income stream. Subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my future many, many
money-making videos, my friend. So, hopefully you got lots
of value, give me a like. Give me a share, share
it with your friends because I’m sure you know somebody who can use extra money working from home. So with that, take massive
action, don’t procrastinate and I’ll see you on the
top my friend, peace.

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