001 – Outsourcing Live Monthly Report June 2011

001 – Outsourcing Live Monthly Report June 2011

Hi there, it’s Tyrone Shum from Outsourcing
Live and welcome to the dedicated channel on about outsourcing and with me sharing with
you outsourcing strategies. In today’s video, I’m really excited to share
with you my first monthly report for the Outsourcing Live and also what happens in my business.
And I’ve been inspired by Pat Flynn and also Corbett Barr who I’m good friends with that
I wanted to share with you transparently and to also give you an indication of what I’m
doing with outsourcing and I want to just share it from this point of view of outsourcing
on how I run it in my business. Because a lot of people probably see income reports
out there and see traffic reports and all that kind of stuff but I don’t think anyone
out there is currently showing you how they’re going to outsource and how they’re keeping
in track of those results. So I want to probably be the first one to do that and share that
with you. Now, what I want to do is I’m going to give
you an overview right now of what things that I’m targeting for for this particular blog
and also what I want to do for myself as well in terms of – getting myself to work less
in the business and also to have a lot more things automated. So this is more or less
a journey for you to also learn from me and also for me to be able to keep accountable
too. And if you go to my blog and explore right down to the bottom, one of my goals,
I’ve written down here is I’m on a journey to – allow me to work up to about 12 hours
a week. So that’s one of the goals that I’m putting out there and I want to try to achieve
that within – the next six months and there are a lot of things that I’m going to be doing
to do that so that I can get it outsourced and implement it in my business. All right now what I want to also too, is
just to share with you how this blog is actually growing and how it is actually moving because
one of the other goals is in the 90-day challenge that you may have seen when I first started
this blog was to – rank it on the top 3 terms of Google for the term outsourcing which is
an extremely competitive word but I think it’s achievable with the strategy that I’m
doing so you can check it out on the previous post that I’ve done in that. But the main
goal for this particular blog is so that I can show you the journey and the processes
that I do with my team to be able to rank for this blog to get to where it is and show
you some interesting things that are happening as well. All right so the first thing that I’m going
to share with you right now is some statistics for the last month of June. I officially had
this blog launched around about the 25th of May, so – I mean realistically I should have
it started on the 25th of May til then but to make it easy for all of us, I want to start
this on the start this on the first of June til the – 31st or 30th of June so therefore
I can report on the first of each month. And if you had a look back anyway between the
25th to the – to the 30th of May, there’s not much that really did happen anyway, just
little bit of traffic and friends just checking it out. All right, let’s just jump over. I use a tracking
tool called Clicky which you can get at Getclicky.com and these are the results that have been shown
for the last month of June so from the first of June all the way til the 30th of June.
And by the way, today’s the 1st of July if you want to know, and I’m flying out to Bali
tomorrow so I wanted to squeeze this in just before I do go so that you can check this
out and have a look at what I’ve been doing. All right, first thing I want to share with
you is that for the month of June, we had a total traffic that came through to about
6,336 visitors. And I’ll expand that, and roughly, there’s about 5,000 of those that
were unique and about 3,000 something on was about new visitors. And don’t forget I started
this blog basically from scratch, I didn’t have anything before that and no traffic coming
through and I purposely started it at scratch so that way I can show you exactly what I’ve
been doing to build links and getting traffic to this site. Though, to make it also – for
people to understand how this blog actually started and – got traffic to it as well was
I did at Tyroneshum.com which is my personal blog there, did talk about outsourcing for
quite some time. I did have a subscriber base so I did have some traffic coming from there
and obviously when I started something like this with a dedicated blog just for outsourcing
people come over to there and as you can see, a majority of the traffic that came through
was coming from Tyroneshum.com which is fine at all. But I got a majority of the traffic
from subscribers who have previously been on this. So in actual fact when you look at the whole
blog, I did have a database and list of subscribers there which I’m not starting from that scratch
but what I am starting on was for this blog to actually grow and I’m planning to show
you how I’ve been able to outsource a lot of the strategies that I’m doing so you can
see from all these statistics and right now it’s live as you can see what’s going on. The other thing I did notice for this month
as well is – because it’s a video blog, I had about an average of 6:18seconds for people
to be sitting there and watching my videos and doing whatever they do and that’s long
they’d stay on my site. And I had a pretty relatively low bounce rate which was about
22%. That’s not too bad, I’m pretty impressed by that. So those are some of the results
happening. And – let me show with you right now what
are some of the strategies that we implemented for last month and this will be in addition
to adding on to the 90-day challenge that I’m doing right now. So, let’s just jump back.
Some of the things that I’ve done and I’ve even shared that with you is that I’ve implemented
a few things. One of the things was the Youtube – and I basically got myself setup on Youtube
over the last month to generate backlinks and create lots of backlinks and you can see
that video here which is how to get traffic from Youtube which is next traffic strategy
for Outsourcing Live. I won’t go into detail about that today because I’ve gone into that
video to show you how that works but one of the strategies that I did was Youtube. And
that has actually brought in some good traffic as well for me. The other thing that I did as well was I launched
a podcast and as you can see right here, if you click on Podcasts, you’ll be able to see
I’ve posted up to five podcasts already so I’m getting some traffic from iTunes which
is the podcast and it’s been doing okay at this point in time. The other thing as well was I run a competition
over the – over this blog in the last month. And when I first – ran this competition, I
was partnering up with a company called MicroSourcing and MicroSourcing actually approached me and
said would you like to ran a contest and – for someone to win a $1,000 worth of outsourcing
services and since then, we’ve had a winner, and Peter Freeman who’s also from Australia
as well won that prize. He’s right now experiencing some really great things that are happening
with MicroSourcing. So that competition did relatively good for me in terms of traffic
bringing into the blog and also too for MicroSourcing because it did send some traffic and some
people over there. And we had 39 comments written on this blog as well, I’ll scroll
down right now – who entered into that. And also too, I’ve had roughly about 19 or 20
comments that were from Facebook. So in total it’s about 60 something entries here and there.
Plus also people liking on Facebook and tweeting, stuff like that. You can see there’s 25 tweets
as well. So that did bring in some traffic to the site.
And when I did run that which is around about the 20th, I’ll jump back over here. You can
see there’s a spike of traffic about 400 and something. So yeah, between the 17th to the
20th which was there, there was some spiking traffic which got the highest of about 418
visitors for that day. All right so basically those were the two
main things I think that really helped with traffic to this month. I did the Youtube,
and also too, as I said Youtube videos, the podcast and also running a competition. Now, what I wanted to also share with you
as well is what is happening in the behind-the-scenes of the business and – also too, I also have
my staff whilst there building up backlinks as well for Outsourcing Live they are building
backlinks and putting strategies to be able to build up my niche sites and this happens
because I’ve got these projects setup for my team to run because I have a three full
time staff, one’s a virtual assistant, one’s a full time video editor and one’s a full
time programmer. And we use the programmer to create all our websites. And also too my
video editor to do all my videos. Which allows me to have more time so I can
focus on creating more content for you guys. But let me just show you just briefly, we’ve
setup this report just recently and we’ve got some niche sites that are going and these
are the things that just started. I mean some of these sites we’ve had probably for the
last say six months going back to when we first started with the niche site duel with
Pat Flynn and that one is – have been doing okay but we’ve recently also started some
new sites as well in the last – in the last month or so we did start relatively new couple
of sites which are starting to increase its – yeah ranking and also getting some traffic
through and there was another site that we started going back three months ago and it’s
currently ranking on the first page of Google. But you can see, just basically on this report,
these things are currently being done or setup by all my virtual assistant team or virtual
team there and from there, they are able to build backlinks, they are able to write content
for me, they’re able to also – get them found on Google and indexed as well. So as you can
see, niche site one we’re ranking currently 23, sorry not ranking, 269th to say in Google,
that’s one of the sites. I think that one’s been around since probably going back about
three months ago too. Ah this one here which is ranked number three is currently the 3daydetox
site and it slipped back from number one to number three but that’s okay because it goes
back and forth from time to time. Niche site three, is one that we’ve been working
on for the last six months or so. That one has been quite challenging because it’s been
actually a very, very competitive market but we’re very happy that it’s gone over the first
page and it’s got over 1,000 visitors per month. Niche site four hasn’t got anything
but we just purchased and set this up and that’s also a potential niche that we found
and currently from market samurai, it’s got roughly about 800 visitors per day and can
potentially generate up to about $1,000 per month so this one’s a good niche that we wanted
to go into. Same as niche 5, same statistics and results
and we’re currently ranking number 41. And we actually started this only about a week
and a half ago so it’s doing exceptionally well and we still haven’t even done any backlinking
as you can see right here. So we’re happy with that. Outsourcing Live as you can see,
6,256 visitors just based on Getclicky and it has an increase of about 323% and it’s
currently ranked in 23 which is I’m pretty happy with that for the first month. As we
said, we’re aiming for about 90 days to do that and we’ve got about two months to do.
Backlinks, 333 that’s not bad for that. And then finally the last one which was also
a very similar niche to the first one currently gets about 1,000 audience and it’s ranked
number – nothing, it hasn’t been found as yet. So that’s basically my niche sites that we
have running in the background and my virtual team runs that. Now I just give them basically
the instructions and the directions of where they go and they implement everything for
me. And one of the goals that I sent out for this – this basically for the next six months
as I said is to work no more than 12 hours a week in my business as I said by 31st of
December and to take Fridays off. And in the last month of June, I’ve been tracking myself
by writing down everything that I do in a diary, and every hour that I worked and I
totaled it all up. And here it go, I worked in the last month of June, 137 hours in total
and that average is that over the last 30 days to be about 23 hours per week. So I’m
not too bad you know, I thought I’m working 40 hours a week but I’m actually doing a little
bit less than that and I’m pretty happy with that because a majority of the work is outsourced
and I try to bring that down as much because I’m setting up more and more systems to allow
me to do that. So I’m pretty happy with that. And then I guess the other thing is to have
my team – my virtual team build 5 niche websites and 4 automated procedures to generate steady
figure income. So basically as I said the goal is is for us to have at least 5 niche
sites ranking number one on Google and to generate income, and also too to have Outsourcing
Live to rank in the top 5 spots for the term outsourcing so we are on that way and as I
said this has been outsourced, majority of the stuff like the video editing is being
done and also too the backlinking strategy have been done. I – will still continue to create the content
which I have it all pre-created anyway. And that doesn’t take me too long and once that’s
done, it just gets sent out to my video editor. All right so that’s not too bad. This month
I also just want to mention is that I – I wrote 40 posts or created 40 video posts and
that were submitted onto the blog and is getting out there, what I’m planning to do is in the
next month as I’m going to be away in July and I’m getting married in Bali – yey! Ah
I’m going to be also too cutting down on the amount of involvement so obviously in the
next couple of weeks I’ll probably be working almost close to zero hours which is cool and
then when I come back, hopefully I’ll be able to put in just a few more hours to be able
to create some cool content for you to share onto this blog as well and then obviously
put in my monthly report so that way you can keep track of what’s going on there. So my main goal for this month is to post
out at least on average again 3 video posts for this month again. I’m going to experiment
maybe in the next month after that to reduce it down to 2 video posts a week I should say
and see how it go from there. Ah as I said, July I’m not going to be working but for me
I’ve already had pre-scheduled a whole month of videos for you so that will be coming out
and scheduled and also doing from my virtual assistant team who will be managing all that
for me. And I guess the main other thing that I want
to aim for this month as well is to be able to put out – two special posts, I’m not sure
exactly where it is for something, and I’m still deciding what to do, and also two guest
posts onto other blogs that have potentially good traffic as well. So that’s the next goals
for the next month of July. All right, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this
– video that I put together, this is my first monthly report. Each month I’m going to be
just showing you my journey here and I really love to be ablet o find out exactly what things
that I can do to improve on outsourcing so if you have any feedback, any tips or anything
you want to share with me that’s worked for you in your business and you’ve been able
to successfully outsource as well, share with me. I love you to write down and leave a comment
below here and also too to let me know how you’re going on your journey as well. All right thank you so much for watching this
today, my name is Tyrone Shum from Outsourcing Live and have a great July and I’ll see you
back when I come back from my wedding. Bye for now. Now, if you like more resources like this
one, you can find them inside Mass Outsource Mastermind along with video tutorials and
step by step instructions showing exactly how I use them. To get a 30-day no risk trial
membership to Mass Outsource Mastermind, simply visit FreeVideoSet.com. Until next time, I
wish you success in your quest for outsourcing.

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5 thoughts on “001 – Outsourcing Live Monthly Report June 2011”

  • Hey Tyrone,

    Interesting bunch of info in there … just wondering if you could share how you're finding converting viewers from YouTube to your site given you mention that's working well for the main O/L site?

    Also, would love to know more about what kind of stuff your Video Editor VA does.



  • @compellingtv Just got back from my wedding… Good question about the Youtube traffic. At this point in time the conversion of traffic from Youtube according to stats is less than 1%. This is an area I am currently working on to ramp up as my other channel has a higher conversion rate and I am applying the same principles here. As there are more videos being created, there will be more spread in this arena of this topic on Outsourcing.

    Thanks Chris!

  • @Outsourcinglive RE: YouTube conversion – check out my vid "3 Killer Video YouTube Outros" – the last one converts for me at around 3% 🙂