Tips for Business Automation with Outsourcing

business outsources

So you might want to still split that job up at the beginning until that person knows how to negotiate and what you want in the deal and then after that, you’re going to outsource the sellers.

And once you learn how to outsource the sellers, you’re going to do that in a two-step process, too. At the beginning all they’re going to do is ask questions, and then you’re going to do the closing, But later on, you’re going to teach those people to actually close and you’re going to give them a bonus when they close a deal and they’re going to get better at it. It’s going to take them weeks or months, and you may have to go through three, four, five, six, seven people before you find one that can do the job and will do it consistently. But you can learn how to fire people quickly, as quickly as you hire them.

So you hire them, you talk to them, you walk through the process, you have them listen to the audio, you get them working. If on the second day, they’re not making the calls they’re supposed to be making; then you need to get rid of them immediately. Don’t wait around for them to get better, don’t take their excuses, none of that stuff because what they’re showing you up front is that they’re not going to be reliable and then bring somebody else in.

So, maybe when you’re hiring people, maybe have two or three people in mind and then say, okay, I’m not going to be able to tell you for another couple of days and then you try the first person, if he works out, great, you know, then you tell the people I’m not going to hire anybody else for now, but if you’re interested I can hire you maybe in the future. Because eventually, your phone people will quit At least until you find somebody that is getting good compensation, that’s making good money, is happy with what they’re doing and actually enjoys the work. There are people that enjoy this kind of work, and it’s not difficult to work and they can do it at home, and they can do it at any time they want to.

Don’t put too many pressures on them about oh; you’ve got to call from ten to eleven. It doesn’t matter when they call. As long as they call that lead back as soon as they can, on that day, sometime between nine in the morning and eight at night, that’s really all I care about and that they get called back every day and you know, hopefully, they don’t wait six hours or eight hours to get them back, get back with them, but if they have to, okay, I understand As long as they’re closing deals, as long as they’re getting me leads to call the next day, I’m happy.

And then I call the leads the next day and I close the deal. So, that’s going to be the best way to get that business outsources, and once you do that then you can expand into a different area, or maybe another business, you know, and do something different.


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