Tips for Building Your Business By Outsourcing

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What I think is outsourced quite a bit is writing an article, writing sales, copy eBooks, writing speeches, writing show notes, writing press releases, business presentations is an unlimited number of different things that a writer can provide for you when you’re looking for a writer you need to be very specific.

On what you’re looking for generically say I’m looking for somebody to write an e-book on babysitting you’ll probably get hundreds of people that respond to you from the online services and from the agency wanting to write that book for you. You’ll probably be unhappy with the results you get from most of those people the reason being is you need to find something more specific. I want you to write an e-book on babysitting now if you’re just looking for a quickie book and you don’t really care what the content is, and you’re just going to throw it out there then maybe you’ll get the results that you’re looking for.

That’s not what I’m looking for I’m going to put content out there want to be proud of that content. I want to make sure that it reflects me that is written in a style that would be something that I would write and also something that I don’t have to go through and painstakingly added because it’s written in a completely different format or it’s the voice of the content is not my voice. So you really want to look for riders that work within your style now. The way I find writers that work for me is.

  1. I’ll give them a little task also,
  2. I’ll put a job posting out there looking for a particular assignment,
  3. I’ll have them write something for me maybe,
  4. I’ll have them write a 500-word article or 1000 word article and,
  5. I’ll give them some specific bullet so what I want them to write about and then when I get that back on all evaluate that content and,
  6. I’ll see what that looks like and see if that’s something that I can work with if it’s something I can work with,
  7. I’ll give them another task and then see where we go from there.

Now one thing that I found to be very effective for me with working with writers is to find the level in the skill of that particular writer now. Your less expensive writers are obviously going to be your less skilled and less capable writers your more skilled capable writers are going to be obviously more expensive. The challenge is a lot of times we try to go to the more expensive resource, the better writer and we asked them to write something from scratch that’s like being a doctor a skilled surgeon to put a band-aid on your finger. It’s not something that is necessary to have that level of skill. So, what I’ll oftentimes do is I’ll have somebody a lower level rider, but still a skilled writer write something for me, and then I’ll take that, and then I have a better writer do the final edits and what that does is I get the bulk of the content written at a lower price, and then I get the better of the editing done by somebody that has more capability.


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