How to Outsource Your Email Management Task?


How you can outsource your email, it is one of the more challenging things to outsource.

So the first thing I want to say is like this was my biggest problem like when I was a stage of my business. I was actually getting locked up on email for three to four hours a day was absolutely hectic. I wasn’t enjoying it all realized that it was going to be really hard for me to keep growing my business if all I was doing was email not only that emails really boring it’s not enjoyable I understand. It’s an essential part of every business. We wanna to communicate with everyone really well. we want to make sure that we’re you know getting things back and forth it’s never nice not to be replied to my emails this kind of these heinous where we got to be spending our time.

So with email, there’s a six-step process, of course, is a process. There’s a six-step process to kind of how I went about it works really well for me, and hopefully, you can do it also. So let’s dive straight into the six steps.


So step number one is access, so often where we get Cortese, if we’re going to get someone else too many Email how do they actually get into our inbox ,do we have to even passwords, do we set them up and forward on what’s the actual procedure here .so what I would be recommending is that you use Gmail. I used Gmail for my email and the reason being is you can give someone else access without giving your password and also make sure you don’t get locked out of your email if that’s a concern. For me now it’s not a concern on happily give my VA all my passwords. I’m pretty sure she’s got them already, and I don’t really worry about that too much but in the beginning. I can be a bit you know all nervous if you will so Gmail is a really good tool to get around that you can give someone permission to do certain things and not other things and you can’t even get locked out. If you look around idea, say outlook will have a similar feature that if you can email is just fantastic, so that’s step one.

List of Approved Senders

Before a VA can just get in there and start kind of replying or kind of managing emails what you need to provide yes this is from you is something I’m calling the list of approved senders. So this is how want you to think about it in your inbox you’re going to have some categories and all go through mine now. So, I have a category which is people who know my VA pretty much manages my inbox.

So if one of my good friends sent an email, my VA knows that she can reply as herself. I’m get replied to me by my VA they know it’s all in there that’s a word .this second category is people that need to be replied to as you but she’s okay to do that. So there’s certain people that you put into a list in table of this person emails you’re fine to reply as me that’s okay and they’re probably people that you’ve known for a while that you have it’s not a previous relationship really concerned. If there is something slightly a word or you know mistake happens, and there’s the third category of people which is you do not reply to these people. I will reply to these people so the idea is that if there are any emails that are crucial to your business, you really want to kind of set the tone of you, know these other people you can just reply to his yourself. These are the people you need to reply towards me, and these are the people you don’t reply to, and then you’re gonna have a fourth category of unsure which might be you know someone will get to later about. Connie your processes but that is a crucial step one because if you think about it from your VA’s perspective when they go into that inbox they’re not going to have the mental capacity to know what your relationship to like that stuff you know so by creating this list of approved senders or pass ones which are going to sure this is how we can effectively start the takeover of the box.

Set Up Rules

So step three which is kind of printing to an awesome back there about you know if this then that so on top of having on list of approved senders .we’ve also got to set up some rules around what we do in certain situations so we can follow It and the way I like to think of it is you’ve got to go. Again putting the effort and really put into go or if this type of email comes in, and then I want you to do that’ll give you really good example in one of my businesses .we do some Ad Words work, and if an Ad Words client emails me then my VA knows that she can pass that on to the Ad Words team to get fixed. I’ll give an example just to make it clear for client emails and said hey we want to put some more money on these keywords or we want to turn our budget up or down.

My VA will take that email forwarded to the team and then reply with what they need and I don’t know about any of it they know that’s a process to follow where the client and get really good communication the team consult the issue but it’s not passing through me. So really important one another idea here is if you’re in the type of business that has newly coming so if a new-laid email comes in then what you may have is ok when a new email comes in I want you to send this to them. I want you to send a list of questions and a link to look into my calendar so I can have an appointment with them. Now that’s a really effective one as well because you might be out and about where you might have another meeting but you want your new leads to feeling loved and not from an order responded but from personal emails so they feel like, it’s you know you’re on the ball and everything like that now that you are but you know we are busy business owners can be a really effective one.

So you’ve got to spend the time to think what if you have a look at your email see what types of emails are coming in and then design some rules that can allow these to be kind of done with efficiently. Whether it’s delegating it to a team member with its responding again, there’s a ton of them. I suppose over one out at some point you guys can have a look that really important step. So you get the idea that now that you’ve given someone accesses the next parties you’ve got your list of who can be replied to an who come here applied to all who give you replied with herself and then you got some rules. I kind of get the feeling it is starting to see how these can take shape, so you saying. I can well I’m starting to understand how someone else can manage my email this point so.

Automate Emails

The next step from there is, and this is often a really big hurdle is that we expect their VA’s to be able to automate look at the way we write emails and copy them which is just insane. I personally if I were reading someone else’s emails I would not be able to sit there and go with a kind of write sentences like this and all we had a word like that I think it’s an unrealistic expectation. I think far better way of going about it has some template replies so in the late example previously it’s like if you ride anymore have written email previously see more we have money in your sent items you want to give your VA and template or a style to work off with it just doing a bit of editing and they know it all friends up, and they can do it really quickly.

Emails Reply

There’s a category of emails that we don’t want to VA to reply to we wanna reply to them but I even think that’s too much work I think there’s an easier way of doing it so what I actually recommend and I use an app called voxer for this or facebook even has this feature, as well is all read email or get my VA to read the email and then I’ll actually dictate a reply harm in that app. So really quick if someone comes in just hitting record on that talking for one they made written by VA alright it up and I can either okay for her to send it, or I chicken it to me first, and I’ll read it and sign off, and she can send it in words. Now that are a really big time-saver itself I think most people would be surprised at how long they’re actually spending writing emails or replies. The other thing I would get you to put your awareness is this is if you’re doing a lot of the same emails or getting a lot of the same questions.

Managing Inbox

You might want to spend some time setting up anything you notice dictating these be set up as templates to your VA, and this one is a really important step especially in the beginning. I’m at the stage now where me and my VA have been doing this for so long it’s very autopilot, and you do get there in a couple of months .but in the beginning what I found was really effective is you want to book a time for a daily brief where you’re taking over your inbox and this managing how this all runs.

Because in the beginning its most likely you and the VA or whoever you’re doing both checking the box pretty regularly to make sure that its transition smoothly, and you want to be QA what the VA does in the beginning just to make sure it’s all going well then you keep pulling that back. But something that works really well is you might blow your time in the day maybe a little bit in the morning a little more in the evening and go right so what are the emails I need to reply to she can read the map to or he you can dictate all your replies.


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