How to Decide Between Hiring IT Staff Internally or Outsourcing?

IT Staff

Whether you have a full-time or multiple full-time people on IT department staff, part-time person, maybe it’s just a brother-in-law or an IT outsourcing firm, you’re probably wondering if this is the right solution for us. You’re probably still experiencing some problems within your IT environment. I just want to walk you through the different functions of the IT department to help you through that decision process.

  1. The first I look at it is IT asset management. We’re looking after all your hardware, your software licenses, your contract management would say your internet provider is making sure you always know what you have and where it is. Making sure it’s always covered under support if necessary so that if there are issues that you can go to the manufacturer or the provider to get that support and coverage. Who does that right?
  2. The next in cyber security, it’s big in 2017 who’s watching over your email making sure that if phishing attacks get through, when they get through, when your people click on them, who’s going to be cleaning that up for you who are re-mediating those issues also protecting the perimeter. Making sure any virus firewalls are up-to-date and protecting the privacy of your employees as well as the privacy of your customers and contractors. Certainly as a business owner that I believe that part of our responsibility to our customers and employees.
  3. Next is very closely related to cyber security, is data. Who’s managing your data, what’re your policies on retention, How long do you keep that data, Do you dispose of data properly maybe more importantly, how is that data backed up and how do you recover it. Do you have a plan for disaster recovery in the event of a hurricane or data loss, can you get that data back and who does that work for you.
  4. Next, we look at helpdesk and tech support for your people if the technology is not working your people can’t work, you’re losing productivity potentially costing you business. Who do they call? They call your IT person, or do they call the outsourced provider? Something to be thinking about.
  5. Lastly a look at innovation. Who’s working with you strategically to align technology with the business to help you grow help you operate more efficiently?


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